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YouTubers get demonetized. Social media platforms get deleted. You really need to go independent.

A Notion guide on how to self-host and publish with Ghost. Step-by-step and without jargon. 100% free.

What will you learn?

  • Take control over buying and managing your domain
  • Run your own server and save $250+/year
  • Set up Ghost CMS for professional publishing
  • Send newsletters to connect with your subscribers
  • Sell your content to your most loyal fans

What will you get?

  • Step-by-step Notion guide with concise and clear explanations
  • $100 of hosting credit to get started for free
  • Pro-tips from experience along the way

Who am I?

I'm Martin, a medical student, and I've spent the last two years closely following Ghost and learning all about it. Largely through personal projects such as Medical Notes.

I've been where you've been. But managed to make it from a complete noob to making my own themes for Ghost and managing my own server. This is what I want to teach a few days.

Not sure yet?

Writing online is perfect: It takes less time than filming videos or recording podcasts. Then SEO does the work for you while you sleep. It's free, effective and yours. And it's not going away.

Why do I have to own what you create: This is how you can control everything that happens to your creations. You don't have to be dependent on someone else. Plus, you can do things as you want.

What is Ghost: It's a new platform for publishing online. But it's open-source, 99% customizable and awesome. With Ghost, you get all you'll ever need: publishing, newsletters, memberships. They are completely independent, which means you will be too.

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Full-stack Publisher

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